Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thanks to Brita Brooks

Muskoka in the Snowstorm

Just writing and sending a few photographs to say
that I enjoyed the Muskoka Wildlife Centre Workshop
on January 28, 2012. With the fresh snowfall that for
awhile was a blizzard and the low lighting I 
was pretty intimidated and worried that it would be
really hard to capture images of the animals that would
be somewhat crisp (not too grainy). With 
your guidance and some real good concentration
on my part I was able to get some beautiful images
even with my really basic Canon 
Rebel Xti & under $500 zoom lens.
(I'm on a low budget...)

The animals were so beautiful. I learned a lot about 
the animals from listening to the caregivers descriptions of
each animal to us during the sessions.

I was impressed with the way each session
was run in regards to safety guidelines for humans
and for animals, respect to the
animals welfare as first priority and with
great care by all of us.

I am so pleased that I got some images that I love because it
has already allowed me to share them with many people 
who want to know more about that particular species or 
those who have a passion for the environment and all its 
creatures. I think my favorite was the cougar & owl but I 
also greatly enjoyed the wolves. My wolf images are softer 
as the lighting was pretty challenging for me so I guess I will have
to come back for another try! Practice, practice, practice...

I hope to get employment soon so I can use my vacation 
time to attend the East Coast sessions you are offering and 
see those awesome gannet colonies, puffins
and the fishing villages- looks like a dream photo 

Thanks again it was worth the drive.

Brita Brookes, Ferndale, Michigan, USA

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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