Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thanks to Muskoka Wildlife Center

Raymond Barlow's Winter workshops!

We have enjoyed several programs up 
at the Muskoka Wildlife Center.

These programs involve a lot of management, and experiance has proven to be very helpful. Dale and I started working these ideas over 3 years ago, and about 35 workshops back!  We have worked out a lot of cool set up, and animal co-ordination to maximize the opportunity for guest photographers to capture superb images.  

We start by briefing my guests, all the ins and outs of our plans.  I will first explain various thing to do with your camera, settings, exposure control, etc., then give details on how to position yourself for the best possible shot.  Next, Dale will help everyone understand the protocol involved in safety, and animal "comfort zones".  We want you to be calm and interacting with the wolves, cougar, lynx and fox, along with the star attraction, Luna the Telus Owl! 

Dale is a superb story teller.  He gives everyone the history and issues concerning each subject, and how they arrived at the Muskoka Wildlife Center.  Next, we enter the wolf enclosure for a face to face shoot!  The fun, excitement, and clicking is happening!  We continue through each subjects home, and close the day with a pose with Luna, the wonderful and beautiful Saw-whet Owl.  

I am very lucky to have so many fantastic guests who are generous to allow me to present to you their images, and experiances here on my blog.  a special thanks to everyone!  Here are a few of my shots... just click on the image to see a larger view.

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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