Monday, February 7, 2011

Muskoka Landscapes Tour - Feb 2011

First off, a big thanks to Andrew Mclaughlin for an excellent tour, and some great locations!  This very cold winter made things very interesting!  Lots of snow and ice, but little water.  So, we found some really "cool" places to shoot.

As most people well know, I am know much of a landscape shooter, but I do enjoy trying.  Our guests seemed to have a great time, we shared tons of information, and built on some wonderful friendships.
( this friends stuff is the best part of my business).
Thanks to everyone for joining this tour!

One of my all time best buddies is Dr. Ron Goodlin. I met Ron while doing a presentation at the Richmond Hill Camera Club, he was asking me for details about my skills... my response was... come to a workshop!!

Ron owns a dental practice in Aurora Ontario, and he also travels around North America teaching.  Amazing and great guy, and also very gifted.  His artistic skills are superb, as you can see form the images below.

 It was awesome to learn from Andrew, a truly gifted artist.  I hope to have a few of his images up here soon!  I am now getting ready for Africa, so some we will have new updates while I am there I hope!

ps.  Andrew and I are sorting out new plans for a March Muskoka Lanscapes Workshop so please let me know if your interested. ..

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  1. My thanks to both Ray and Andrew (and the group), for a delightful workshop at the Muskoka Landscapes Tour. The one-on-one time with the pros and explanations with examples was invaluable and gave me the courage and tools to take on some new and interesting approach to photography. It was cool to observe other photographers' creativity flow throughout the shoot and the selflessness in sharing ideas. Anyone wanting to photograph some exciting, inspirational winter landscapes and learn from the pros should definitely take some time for this one before the season's over. P.s. thank you Ron for sharing the “Hot Hands” – and thanks to Neera for the extra pair of socks! …lessons learned!


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