Monday, August 22, 2011

Thanks to Norm!

If you know me, you know that I am a no bs type of person, so there is no point in sugar coating this week in Newfoundland, we had some bad weather!  But, this province is so amazing, we were still able to catch some incredible scenes!  Norm Ullock, and his wife Helene were such good customers, no complaining, just great energy!  We trekked out there in the rain, fog, and cold to some fantastic sights.

A special thanks to Norm for this note below copied from an email, and his superb images also!  


When I think back to our week the weather was a disappointment. But we can’t control weather. When we left for Newfoundland I wanted to get some shots of birds and whales. Despite the difficult shooting conditions, Ray managed to get us to places where we could shoot all of these. I have never done photography in dark and wet conditions like this. Because of this I learned a lot during the week, on how to shoot in difficult light and still come home with some great shots.  Ray always stayed positive and worked hard to make sure his guests got the most from the week. Daisy made sure we ate well during the week by providing outstanding meals every night.  Ray and Daisy, thanks again for a memorable week. Helene and I look forward to our next workshop with Ray in Tanzania.  Norm Ullock


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