Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanks to Diane Hammond!

Muskoka Wildlife Centre Photo-shoot

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take part in one of Ray Barlow’s Photography Workshops at the Muskoka Wildlife Centre in Port Severn, near Gravenhurst, Ontario. If you have never taken part in a guided photo-shoot, you need to add the experience to your ‘bucket list’. Frigid temperatures aside, the opportunity to have access to animals such as wolf, fox, lynx and cougar was amazing!

Our small group of photographers was treated to two wonderful guides, who both made sure we got the most we could from the experience.  The Muskoka Wildlife Centre is not a zoo, but a rehabilitative centre. Founder Dale Gienow guided our visits with the centre residents. His love of, respect for, and knowledge of the charges in his care was evident throughout the day. Ray Barlow was our photographer mentor, coaching us throughout the day to make sure we went home with ‘the shot’.

Ray is very knowledgeable and has a nice, easy way about him, unobtrusively throwing out helpful hints about animal behavior, the best place to stand, creative composition, and technical issues such as exposure. I really appreciated his approach and advice. This wasn’t a formal class, but rather a mentoring opportunity, where we set our own agenda and drew from Ray’s knowledge and experience as needed. Visit  Ray’s workshop page. There might be an opportunity that speaks to you!

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