Sunday, February 8, 2015

Thanks to Fred Johns

What a great weekend back in January.  
Fred and a bunch of guys from the online forum called 
"Nikon Cafe" visited me from all over Canada and the USA.
 We had 2 back to back Raptos in Flight programs
 on Jan 10th and 11th, 2015.  Special thanks to my buddy
Randy Rimland who brought us all together.  This was
great fun!

Fred's Website!
I participated in Ray's Raptors in Flight workshop 
at the Raptor Conservancy in Ontario, Canada in 
January 2015.

 Ray does a great job on these by limiting the number 
of shooters so that everyone attending gets as much 
(or as little) attention as they want.  Everyone gets 
great angles on the birds, with the freedom to move 
around and change up your shots.  There are a number of 
different raptors, with opportunities to shoot static 
portraits and bird-in-flight shots on each one.

I participated in the workshop on two days in a 
row, which offered the opportunity to shoot in 
differing weather and light conditions.  I recommend
 this to everyone that is able to do the same, as conditions 
did vary a great deal on those days - and the shoots go 
on regardless of the weather conditions.

 I was concerned at first about if I would be able to
 get some good quality images, as I was not accustomed
 to shooting BIF at low angles.  It turns out the opposite
 is true and with Ray's advice on positioning and 
settings, your will have more quality images than 
you know what to do with.

The other shooters were friendly and considerate, and 
all in all I had a great time, made some new friends, learned
 a few things - and made some great photographs.  You
 can't really ask for more in a workshop.  I look forward
 to doing it again.

Fred Johns


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