Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day at the Races with 5 photogs and a Falconer

What an awesome day today with Falconer James Cowan and 5 photogs including the artist who took this fine image, Gary Irwin. Also, Harry, Jerry, Russ, and Nick were out near Simcoe for this Flight shooting workshop. (click on Gary's image for full size view)

The action was fast and furious., James kept the 6 of us shooting for over 3 hours, and what a blast!! We set up some flight paths considering the wind, light, and backgrounds... and we would all pick our favourite position for the shot/s!!

The birds would fly on command, (sometimes it would take a few seconds), and we blaze away at high frame rates, trying desperately to keep the bird inside the frame. Tracking these fast flyer's is tricky, it takes fast reactions and a lot of practice.

Setting your camera up with the right auto focus configuration is a major key for success... Try different setting, and practice on moving targets. Sit beside a busy roadway, and shoot licence plates! I did! Or boats, water skiers, a train, hang around an airport! Each flight shot situation needs a different set up

It depends on the size of the bird, how many mm your shooting, what the background is, contrast in the scene, how far the background is behind the bird, etc... it is very complicated.

New images will be posted (hopefully tomorrow) if I have time.. I fired almost 800 frames, and uploaded just less then 500 to my external hard drive., many out of focus shots deleted in camera.

www.raymondbarlow.com for more images!

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