Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HDR Photography

I have been pretty busy working on a project for Ruthven Park, a National Historic Site here in Ontario Canada. I was commissioned by Marilynn Havelka, and Christine Madliger to photograph the site, and produce some images for their next advertising program. ( just click on the image to see a larger size)

I started with working on the local birds, gardens and insects, and worked my way up to the buildings. Then I tried to tackle the interiors!! I was considering shooting the interiors with my flash set up, but after talking to my friend George Nagy, I decided to try HDR.

I set up the camera for 9 exposures, 1/2 stop ev., and used a tripod. After shooting the interior, I decided to try this technique for the outdoors, and the harsh light. I use a program called Photomatix to merge the image, and work on the exposure balance.

This program takes the best of the over exposed sections of the shot, and the also the under exposed portions. With some tweaking of the settings, and some additional work in CS3, I was able to create some interesting images. Have a look at this slide show. You need to left click to advance, and right click to go back... just click here!!

I hope to do a workshop at this location, probably early in September, so if you want email notification, please let me know,...

thanks for reading!!

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