Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Girls at the Rock

A recent trip to Rock Point came up empty for the anticipated shore birds, so my backup plan was in place., working with my 2 cameras and 2 lenses. Here are a few from the shoot...

This first image was taken with the D300 + 200-400 VR., a candid shot when I was about 80 yards away from them., Maria had just finished a swim in Lake Erie.

This second image, using the D70s and 18-70 ED, the girls were asked to pose on the driftwood... it is hard to keep them apart, and i did need to give them some keen direction to bring a little space between their bodies! Looking back at the scene, I think I should have worked with the sky more, rather then the leaves on the trees.

In this third scene, Maria displays her adventurous spirit, as she loves to hike and climb. Exploring nature is her favourite kind of fun, and the seriously extensive knowledge of plants, bugs, birds, and wildlife is evident in all of our conversations.

I am moving away from posting my new and latest images on pbase, and hope to get into a routine where this blog becomes the first location for my latest images.

take good care, and thanks for looking!!

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