Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latest Workshop at Mountsberg

We sure had a good time up at Mounstberg this past weekend Megan, Becky, Harry and Leigh all seems to enjoy the owls and the learning experience. We started a bit earlier then usual this time with our first bird coming out to see us at 9 am. A bright sunny morning left us working in a shades area with lots of surrounding trees for backgrounds.

The birds behaved wonderfully, our handler Sandra was awesome. Sandra and her partner bring the birds out one by one, setting them on pre-organized perches. We try to move the perches around for different angles, backgrounds, and hopefully some good head positions.

Working in the shade gives less opportunity for over exposed highlights., and the colours of these birds really seem to explode onto your monitor. After spending some time studying Eric Meola's work, I can see that the concept of working the colours of the scene is extremely important.

I want to thank my guests whom attended this workshop, and I really do look forward to the next one, coming very soon!
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