Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st Muskoka Workshop

What a Day!! Wonderful group of people, and truly spirited with the passion for photography indeed!! The weather prediction was gloomy at best., Dale from Muskoka WC called me at 10 pm Friday night wondering if our photographers were prepared for the downpour of rain.

We all arrived to fin just a sprinkle of rain during our shoot, but we could almost reach up and touch the clouds today. The low ceiling, and heavy cover made the first part of our shoot very difficult.. I don't think I will edit more then one image of the wolves. But, progressively the light came through, and the shooting of the cougar and lynx cubs was the highlight of the day.

Dale was good enough to extend the program over our allotted time frame to include some shooting with a skunk, and a ground hog.. very cute! All in all, the experience was much better then expected. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, my buddy Don from Hamilton who joined me for the ride up and back seem to think it was fun even if the conditions we not the best.

Another shoot tomorrow, the 1st of November, so I better get ready!

take care.

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  1. Well you doing something right if you can get Bill Warren to come along!


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