Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mark (Trac) Dionne .... RIP

I received bad news, one of my best friends Mark Dionne passed
away and I would like to share a story about my old friend. I write this
because I hope he can somehow read it.

Mark was my "sounding board", anything that was bugging me
I could pass it by Mark, and his wisdom, and devotion to friendship
would always encourage me to get past the issues, and move on.

Mark loved me, we were best of friends, he enjoyed my
photography immensely and has printed and framed photographs all
over his house. Mark bought so many prints off me, and gave them away
to friends and family.

I have never known a more generous and heart warming man.

My brother Geoff and Mark were both fireman, the best
guys on earth, ready and willing to risk their lives to save
others. Mark was a Namvet, and the scars will be with him
forever in time. He served his country, proudly.

I cannot tell you all how much I miss my friend already.

Go slow brother, stay strong, respectfully.,



  1. Ray,
    I am sorry for your loss. Death is a hard pill to swallow when it is untimely.
    Hang in there my friend.
    Cindy Michalak

  2. My dear Ray quite by chance I have read your very touching story this morning so early, and your loving words written from your heart to your special friend Mark have moved me. A very deep friendship like this will never end, just follow in his footsteps and carry on the good work he perhaps left unfinished,write to him little notes like this every day, and be sure he will always be by your side, so don't be sad, he wouldn't want you to be.....
    Your new friend,
    Rita May......

  3. A lovely tribute to your friend. You are blessed to have had a special friendship that many will never experience. He sounds like a wonderful guy.

  4. A heartfelt tribute Ray to our mutual friend Mark. I know for fact that he considered you a best friend as well and while his loss will be felt by friends and family, he is now at rest. As a fellow Vietnam Veteran, I spent considerable time with Mark realizing all along the scars he carried. Thank goodness he's now in a much better place. Thanks for being such a good friend to Mark

  5. Ray, That's a Great story about your fantastic friendship! Mark sounds like a rare individual, a true gem of a gentleman! The men who came back from that godforsaken hellish experience were so damaged that it's a miracle any were able to retain some sort of sanity, let alone be as sweet & lovely a person as your friend!
    And thanks for the Loon series, they are absolutely brilliant!

  6. He can hear you Ray...
    Souls who are bonded always find each other no matter where they are...
    The bond is the connection...

    How wonderful you both share a special relationship...
    Life is richer because of it...

    The photos from the workshops are wonderful...
    Great moments were stilled for all to enjoy..

    Muriel Villemonte

  7. I would dedicate this line to your friendship.

    " Though the communication between us wanes at times, i am always aware of the strength that emanates in the times of our absence "

  8. I am honored by your words Mayur.

    I miss Mark always, and my work is a dedication to him.


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