Monday, June 7, 2010

A trip west to the Pinery

Sunday morning, 3 am, and the wind and rain were hitting us hard here in Grimsby, Ontario... but out the door I went!! Driving over the Skyway bridge from Hamilton to Burlington was unreal!!

And naturally, what am I doing? Meeting 3 guests to head west to the Pinery Provincial Park for some photography!! The drive was wet, the truck is clean, so we are sitting in the coffee shop in Grand Bend... and the rain stops!

Lots of fun, many challenges, the light went from bad to so-so, to good, to brutal!! Some images from the day are posted here, please click on them for full size, and thanks for stopping by!

I posted 2 images of the Pilieated feeding thier young, wondering which one looks best, the image taken during overcast, or sunlight?

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