Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Collection of Favourites

Over the last 6 years, I have loaded all my web 
images to for linking to web forums.

I think I now have around 3,000 images in 
2 groups with photobucket, and they now
have a slideshow feature... I have about 
160+ images in this new presentation, and 
plan to add a bunch more soon. (link below)

Just click on full screen on the bottom 
right if you wish and ... there is a feature on
the left to control the pace.. I like fast!

This is nothing more than a collection of my
favourite images over the last few years, 
none of the raptors have been baited, no captives,
and no flash was used on any of these 
images, all natural light.

Please click here to have a look!

For information about my workshops 
and tours... click here!

6 years ago I saw  an image posted on a forum 
from my friend Peter Darcy...

He inspired me to live a dream.

Thanks Peter!

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  1. Ray:
    An inspiring set of photos in the Photobucket slideshow!
    Dave Sparks


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