Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Weekend!

2 Workshops this past weekend, the first one at the Mountsberg Conservation Area, the second at the Canadian Raptor Conservecy, south of Simcoe Ontario.  Thanks to all my awesome guests, we had a great time!  And thanks to rick Quirk for lunch yesterday!  Rick hosts the Raptorfest this weekend in Grimsby, Ontario... April 16, 2011.  This show takes place at the Grimsby Community Center, in the Arena.  And its free!! James Cowen will be flying his birds there, inside the arena, so please join us at this cool event.

I will be there with some prints for sale, and also for a full day Q and A session, so please stop by for a visit!  Also, the Muskoka Wildlife Center will be there with some animals too!

Below is my first edit, and I will hopefully be presenting more images from myself and my guests later on...   have a good week!

Just click each the image for a larger view! 

Barn Owl - by Jen St. Louis


Bald Eagle by Sue Ratcliffe


Great Horned owl by Ron Goodlin  


Red-tailed Hawk by Greg Harvy


Raymond Barlow

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