Sunday, November 13, 2011

North Tanzania

1/640s f/4.0 at 400.0mm iso250

1/250s f/8.0 at 400.0mm iso320

1/40s f/7.1 at 250.0mm iso500

Pretty Amazing Experience!

I have had fun in Tanzania in the past, some pretty cool
and awesome adventures, but this past tour, and our visit 
to the north was exceptional.

So many species of animals in such awesome scenes.  
We spent a lot of time moving, which really seemed to 
work well.  The strategy I suggested to my guests was 
"hit and run!"

We would find a scene with some very awesome shooting, 
do our very best to capture it, and move on to the next 
opportunity.  This panned out to 2,900 shots 
on October 23rd, 2011!

The Vulture scene was incredible... Here we spent some
time working so many different shots to catch.
I did get some nice flights that I will post later on.
I think it will take me at least another month, maybe
into  January before I get all my editing finished.

Jut the sunset alone was about 200 images!  Various focal 
lengths, f stops, and basic set up seemed to work well.
I have at least 4 more shots to edit from this 
spectacular scene.

The 2 lion cubs were part of a family of 6 in total.
3 adult females and 3 cubs.  I am guessing they were about 
6 weeks old.  They will not stray to far from the family,
so this was a fairly easy shoot.

Looking back at my settings, it was challenging to 
catch sharp images here with the sun fading.  Had 
we been there 1/2 hour earlier, that would have
 been something.  The adults were laying asleep for most of 
the one hour we spent with the animals.  I did most of my
shooting from the top of the safari truck, with a few
lower angle images from the window.

For about an hour, the three of us fired away with 
incredible excitement in the air.  While shooting, I
was constantly whispering out my settings, and the 
changes I am making to help my guests
make choices for their own cameras.

It is very easy to "get lost in the moment".. 
This kind of once in a lifetime situation can be
so overwhelming. Even the finest of photographers 
can forget about what is going on inside their cameras.
I like to remind people as much as possible
on different approaches to wildlife photography.

This is much more than a snapshot / record making 
experience. Creativity begins with your camera settings, 
balance, and proper AF perimeters. Knowing the
 camera and lens you are using is imperative for success
in Tanzania.

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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