Saturday, March 3, 2012

A big thanks to my guests!

Costa Rica February Tours

This recent pair of tours in Costa Rica has been more then excellent.  Doing what I love is cool, but doing these adventures with the best people is pure fun.  The drawback?  Missing Daisy and Maria is tough, I am on a jet now heading home from Costa Rica, so we will go out for a nice Valentines Dinner to celebrate another successful program.

A big thanks to my US friends Mike and Dawn, from Maryland, Wayne and Carmen from Ontario,... from France: Christian, Bernard, and my great friend Gilles.  Tons of laughs, birds, and pure fun. 

What a pleasure to have these folks helping make my work a real pleasure.

I need to say that Gilles was especially a big help!  Some really extensive language issues were resolved as Gilles speaks fluent French, English, and Spanish.  Making constant conversions for everyone had to be tough, and a lot of stress, so thank you my friend!

We ventured off to a few new shooting locations. The next tour will also include some new adventures, so more fun ahead in April.

Costa Rica is a destination that is very hard to describe.  Yes, there are serious issues, where and when to travel, safety, banking, credit cards, sur-charges, theft issues, driving there is a whole new world.  Simply put, it is not easy.  There is much more then what meets the eye!

After one personal trip (holiday in 2007), and four completed tours, I feel I have most of the bases covered. 

First hand experience is the finest education.  Also, local connections that I can trust provide an excellent sense of security.  My friends and partners in Costa Rica are fantastic.  Honest, and dependable, so my business there is a pleasure.

Special thanks to all my support for all the great advice, service, and friendship.  I look forward to many more  tours in Costa Rica, and possibly moving there for three to four months a year some day.  Daisy and Maria would really enjoy wintering in the great weather.

I am already looking at buying a good tour vehicle, and a secure rental location near my favorite location, Buena Vista Hotel.

So, 10,000 images to cull, probably 30-40 to edit, hopefully by the end of next week, I can't wait to hook up my hard-drives to the iMac and see what shots are worth a look.

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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