Thursday, March 8, 2012

Costa Rica Images

Still recovering from a nasty cold / fever, so the editing is slow these days, but I have a lot of time during the next couple weeks, so I will try to get things going soon.

Maria is home with me now on March break, so she will keep me motivated and sharp!

I am gearing up for another adventure in Costa Rica starting April 7th, for 9 days.  Researching some new locations and photo opportunities. This tour is looking really cool. I can't wait!

So, I am still reviewing 10,000 images from these past 2 tours. Lots to delete and tons to edit.  Everyday was good fun and challenging.  Each location had some really neat subjects to work with.  During February, we found some really excellent holiday climate and temperature, but also a lot of light at times too harsh.  

I think this April, we will find a better balance of overcast and sunlight, with more hummingbird action.
The colours are so bright on some of these birds, we need to be especially careful in direct sunlight.  During these two tours, the hummingbird action was slow due to bright sunlight providing a lot of natural flower feeding for the birds.

So, a few edits here, more coming soon.

Best wishes.

Left to right, Raymond, Bernard and Christian (my guests from France)
Thanks to Gilles for the image!

(please click on the images for a larger view!)


  1. WOW images these are sir!! What bird is that in the first image??

  2. The first bird is a Red-legged Honey Creeper. Thanks!


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