Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventure in India

Well, my introduction to India was amazing, a fantastic learning experience.

Three seminars went very well, with one slight issue, my laptop decided to go sour in front of well over 100 people!

Some quick thinking, and my handy USB external hard drives, and we were ready to go.  Dr. Caesar Sengupta and Kavita Sengupta were instrumental in helping create a successful program.

Also, special thanks to everyone who got involved, to help promote our seminar series, and workshops.  A lot of volunteers made it happen.

Hosting a hands on workshop in the Himalayas, with 10 guests was indeed challenging for myself.  Dr. Caesar has been to these amazing locations in the past, with great success, so this sure made my life easier.

Spectacular birding, scenery, and superb guests created a fantastic teaching environment.  We had opportunities to work one on one with our guests, and also group lectures, with question and answer sessions.

Most of our shooting was in a woodland mountainous region located in the southern Himalayas.  Lots of beautiful birds, incredible fresh air, and fantastic company.

Every photographer spoke good English, these people were so kind and helpful.  Such fun loving folks, lots of joking around, so I found some very new and wonderful friends.  Caesar made my entire stay in India comfortable, and productive.

We are working on some new adventures for India, hoping the support and enthusiasm will continue.
A big thanks to everyone!

Some new images here!

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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