Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello from India!

What an awesome place to host a tour, my friend and partner Dr. Caesar Sengupta has helped me through negotiating all the travel, and seminars here in India.  A fantastic success!

A big thanks to Caesar, Kavita, and all of our guests, and supporters from throughout the country, some folks trekked 15 -19 hours to see me at a seminar program.... amazing!

Three programs taking place in Mumbai, Kolkatta, and Delhi, then a tour to the Himalayas with 10 guests to photograph birds.  Our tiger venture did not pan out, so we will work on some new dates soon, along with more seminars, and birding tours.

If you have any interest in joining us in India, please send me an email..

Here are a few edits done without my Photoshop... my laptop crashed just before our first seminar, so I will get back to my CS5 - iMac at home soon, for more editing.

Thanks to the great country of India!! I hope to be back soon!

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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