Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thanks to Sam and Marsha

Two very special guests from my latest Costa Rica Tour have sent me their images / websites with a bunch of truly special images.  Thanks to Sam Barone, and Marsha Fouks for a great time down south, lots of fun, and wow, did we have some great shooting.

First, let me make note of something very special... Marsha is an accomplished landscape photographer, but she had never photographer birds in her life.  She rented a 300 2.8 lens from Canada Lens Rentals, I brought her a Jobu Gimbal head, she snapped on her D800, and my 1.4 tc, and off and running!  She was a great student, asking all the right questions.  And the cool thing is, she has a fantastic ability to learn, and learn fast!

From Marsha:

"I recently returned from Raymond’s  Costa Rica's photography workshop.  First of all traveling in  Costa Rica was a fabulous experience as it is a beautiful, clean country with some of the friendliest  people in the world and great food.   Of course for bird photographers it was a wonderful  opportunity to shoot the colorful and varied number of species found there.   Being a  novice  in bird photography, I found Ray to be a very knowledgeable and patient instructor and a great tour guide.  I am definitely  looking  forward to going on another adventure with him (preferably to somewhere with  great weather like Costa Rica)."

Marsha Fouks
Now, prepare to be amazed ... here is a link to Marsha's amazing work.
Just click the arrow above the thumbnails to scan through her images.

Next, my friend Sam Barone.  Sam is a very accomplished bird photographer, and also a
dedicated birder.  Sam was on his own for most of this trip, he does his own thing, but no doubt, he was helpful in coaching Marsha, and also helping me with perches and set-ups.

Sam sent me a bunch of images below....

Thanks again to you both, it was another superb trip, with great guests!

Thanks for following my blog, wishing you good light 
and awesome images.
Thanks for looking!
(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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