Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back home from the 4th:

Tour of Tanzania!!  Special thanks to my very special guests, we really had a lot of good fun, and superb photography opportunities.  By far my most successful tour.

Thanks to our guides Muba, Mike, Simon and Naseeb, and all the help at the camps, we all agreed the service was exceptional. 

Highlights from this tour would include a  leopard kill attempt, 2 females hunting and killing gazelles, a Tawny eagle with a flamingo kill, incredible flamingo views, and to top all that, 2 wildebeest crossings at the Mara River, in the north Serengeti.

Our lion views alone were worth the trip.  Males on a kill, females on a kill, females with 5 cubs., and lions roaring near our camps during the night.

Kingfishers, elephants, bee-eaters, cheetah, hyenas like crazy, even the rollers were everywhere.  Around every corner there was something great to photograph.

More news, and lots of edits as soon as I can, we have three local workshops this weekend, so busy as heck!

Take good care.
 Gray-headed Kingfisher - Tanzania
RJB Tanzania, Africa Tours
Canon EOS 70D, Swarovski Telescope
STX + 65mm x 25 - 1200 mm
1/20s iso640

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and awesome images.

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