Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thanks to David Sparks

My very first travel tour was the Newfoundland program 
in 2010 - now almost 5 years later I am about to experience 4 
more programs in Costa Rica and India, over the next 7 weeks.

With about 30 travel tours completed, I can safely say 
that David is one of the nicest gentleman I have 
known, his images - superb,  and his character, charm, and
wisdom I found to be a wonderful experience.

David was the very first guest to register for a travel tour!

Notes from David:


     I went on Ray's 2010 photo tour to Newfoundland. 
The scenery was beautiful and the wildlife photography
was unforgettable. The highlights were photographing the
 Orcas that had killed a Minke whale in Witless Bay and
the amazing Gannet colony at Cape St. Mary's Ecological
Seabird Reserve.

 Based on my extremely positive experience
during the Newfoundland photo tour, I went on Ray's 2011
 trip to Tanzania for yet another amazing photographic adventure. 
     Hopefully I will be able to join him again on one of his
 tours to the spectacular places he visits.
     Additional photos taken on these two trips are posted on my website.
(Please click on the images for a larger view!)

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