Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ecuador Tour March 2016

Thanks to my guests!

The tour was very productive, so many birds, and varieties.

We visited these locations:

Hotel San Jose

Also, many day trips to more interesting 
bird locations:
Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation
Angel paz 

Several other 1/2 day visits to very nice bird locations.
We had another wonderful group of people, we all 
got along well, andenjoyed the tour.  Our guide / driver 
was excellent!
Food and accommodations were very good.,  the weather
 was just right for me..overcast, and some rain.  difficult 
conditions, but beautiful balanced tones.

I will post more images on this blog as I have so 
much editing to do...more then any other 
tour for hummingbirds.
I am looking forward to several more tours 
coming up...India for Tigers,
Yukon for Bald Eagles, Newfoundland
 for puffins., and Tanzania!

 I also have a scouting trip to 
Rwanda, in case your interested, room for 3 only!
Best wishes! 

Great Saphirewing

Sword-billed Hummingbird

Green-crowned woodnymph


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