Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally out for a few shots this weekend!

Well, yesterday I was invited out to shoot with a good friend, Gary Irwin, from London Ontario., we met at the famous Grassy Lake south of Cambridge, and had some fun trying to catch up with the Sandhill Cranes. We finally did find them in shooting range, thanks to another good friend, Latafat Correa, but the environment wasn't all that natural. Lat has a beautiful image on his website... please click here!!

Gary (see pic>>>) has joined me on several of my workshop programs, and we now share a lot of info through emails, and phone calls.. check out this image that Gary captured this summer... click here!

We were able to catch some nice scenery images early in the am, I have one here, and may post a couple more sometime this week.

Today, (Sunday) I was able to catch up with a young Red-tailed Hawk, I had a couple of good chances with this bird, before the sun went down. This bird will be my buddy I hope for this coming winter!

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