Thursday, October 8, 2009

Muskoka Wildlife Center Workshops

Well, for those whom are registered for one of the 3 up-coming Muskoka WC workshops, here is a quick preview of what you will see... these cats are adorable.

I jumped in the pick-up this morning and had an appointment for noon with Dale, the owner of the center. Dale was good enough to bring these two young cats out onto the rocks so I could catch a few preview shots for my customers. We are sure going to have some fun!!

Both of these cats are here at the MWC for a short term., being prepared for breeding at another location. Along with getting inside the pen with the wolves, and a close up look at Kokannee, the adult cougar, we also will have a chance to see a baby Silver Fox. The fox was busy doing an out-reach program off-site for the MWC.

So everything starts next weekend, on the 18Th of October, then a second one on the 24Th, and third shoot on the 31St. We are taking waiting list registrations, and if we have enough people interested, I will set up a 4Th shoot before these baby cats are gone.

Cancellations are possible, so please let me know if your interested.

PS.. we will also have a visit from a Saw-whet owl., and this bird will be positioned in the woods in very natural settings. this bird is about the size of a pop can!! so please be ready for some intimate shooting of the cutest bird I have ever seen! This image below is one of Hutton, of the Mountsberg Raptor Center.

please email me if you have any questions!

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