Monday, October 19, 2009

October 18Th Muskoka Wildlife Center Workshop

Too Sunny!! o well, not much we can do to change the weather, and wow, it sure was fun! Thanks to everyone who came along for the shoot, I really appreciate your support.

The weather was some chilly first thing in the morning, we all arrived around 8 am, and the shooting kicked off close to 10 am. The wolf pen was amazing. All of us inside the "their house", and they performed extremely well.

Next the cougar / bear enclosure, and finally the Lynx, Bobcat, and the cubs, then finishing off with the Saw-whet Owl. I will try to get some more images posted soon, with 2 workshops in one weekend, I am still pretty baked.

This Friday, we have a workshop at Mountsberg, then another trip to Muskoka on Saturday... both programs have a couple openings, so please let me know if your interested.

take care.

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