Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23Rd 2009 Mountsberg TGIF!!

Wow, what a soaking wet blast of a shoot! We only had 4 guests here for this one, David Hemmings, Greg Burdzinsk, , George Nagy, and Jerry Peltier. The rain almost never stopped, and Sandra from the falconry center was a real trooper. She brought out a handful of beautiful birds, and the rain produced an interesting environment. Thanks to Greg for the help in digging out the perches.

I will post a few images here one I have them edited., but tomorrow is another early day for a run up to Muskoka Wildlife Center to visit the wolves, and the cougar!

I was lucky in the morning when Greg and I where out hunting for perches, to find an old log with the center hollowed out., so we worked with this prop and the screech Owl., also some shooting with the Barn Owl.

More images on my slide show here>>> Click Here<<

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