Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 17th Barred Owl Trek

Special thanks to Greg Ledermann for joining us all the way from north of Detroit Michigan! Greg spent the night in a motel near Brighton, we met at 8 am on the 17Th, and after a quick coffee, some fuel, and some breakfast on the fly, we headed for the owl locations... A wonderful day as my friend Alex Tompson joined us, along with Jason and Jerry from Windsor. Please take a minute to browse through Greg's excellent website here!!!

The fun began with our first owl, around 9 am... the sun was shining most of the day, so we were lucky to find the bird in a few shaded areas, with a more balanced light, and less contrast. The Katana Gimbal head was pretty awesome in the cool weather. shooting from the asphalt road sure makes it easy to get a level and solid base for low shutter speeds.

The weather was very chilly!! about -17C to -12C in the afternoon, so this bird was not too active. It spent the entire pm on a perch facing the warm sun, so the shooting wasn't too great. We left the owl a few times, and hiked around to find 4 more owls, but none were in very good lighting situations.

Hopefully some more snow will arrive in the area soon, and we can have another adventure with the awesome Barred Owls.

Take good care!! Please visit NIOM for some recent and very cool articles.

More images posted here soon., and more new details on future
barred owl runs Click here!!!

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