Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Duck!! ... One on One Workshops!

Sign up for a One on One!!

I am finally working on preparing a "one on one" workshop program, to help people whom are interested in spending a day in the field with me, and also, some photo shop training. Naturally, this is not for everyone, many / most of my customers have very advanced skills, lots whom are much better then I am at photography.

This single day workshop with one or at the most, 2 people will be prepare to work with your skill level as it is now, and help you improve your camera knowledge, lenses, software skills, wildlife skills, learn locations, birds in flight techniques, etc.

it take a lot of ingredients to make a quality wildlife photographer... and these skills are not obtained over night. Most people do not have time to work at this hobby every day for many hours to try to figure this game out, so I am here to help you save time and money, to give you a good start.

Please email me for more information. The base fee for this workshop is $300.00 CND for one person, and $400.00 for two photographers., the only additional charge is for fuel used.

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