Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mountsberg Raptor Workshop August 7Th, 2010

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What a good day!! Special thanks to my 8 guests for joining Sandra and I up at Mountsberg Conservation Area. Sandra is the person holding up the beautiful bald eagle below! She works at the raptor center full time doing presentations and taking care of all these amazing birds!

Also thanks to Kate for helping us out with the perches, this allowed me to run around and help our photographers, and also to take a few images to share with everyone.

This program usually runs about 5 hours, beginning with set up, instructional presentation, question and answer, 2 full hours of shooting, and a post processing clinic to close the day. With 8 people surrounding these birds, it can get interesting as sometimes we are elbow to elbow!

We will have a thrid program in place for the weekend of Sept 21St, 2010 so please email me if your interested in joining us!

Guest bring all kinds of equipment, from the $15-20,000 kit to the $800.00 camera and lens combo... A DSLR is a must, and at least 200mm, 300mm preferred.

Basic knowledge of exposure and auto-focus settings is expected, but i am here to help you with any questions you may have. Lots more of these programs coming up, so please join my email list for the latest updates! Click here to sign up! (the sign up form is below the image of Maria and myself on the right)

Keep a look out here on my workshops page, for details and updates if you wish.

I am getting ready for Newfoundland ... taking off Tuesday am... so please check my Facebook page for daily updates!

Take good care.... rjb

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