Friday, August 13, 2010

Newfoundland Workshop

I have been talking about this one for months, here we are! Glenn Nagel, David Sparks, and my buddy Chris Bridge., we are all here in the great place called Newfoundland! i will tell more about the trip when I have time, very long days, tons of shooting, lots to edit, and keeping things moving forward here.

We are in a small town now called Saint Brides, so we can get up early am tomorrow, and head to the Cape Saint Mary's Park Reserve. Gannets will fill our frames tomorrow I hope!

I will try to edit an image every day, and post some from my guests too.

take care.

PS. Hunter is coming!! Click Here!!

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  1. Those puffins are great.
    That is also a "killer" shot of the whale, very well done.


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