Friday, September 24, 2010

Yellowstone National Park was Awesome!!!

Special thanks to all of my guests, Angelina, Harry, Martin, Sandeep, and my buddy Georgino... he helped me out a lot on this workshop, as he did the preliminary scouting last year, and he was an excellent guide this time around.  We had some amazing weather, very good travelling conditions, and a great chemistry with all 6 of us getting along really well.

One of the keys to the success of my programs is to bring together the right people.  So far, with the two 1 week expeditions, this aspect of my workshops could not have been better.  When my guests return home with gigabytes of awesome images, the part we all remember most is the fun and company of the friends that participated on the trip.

The Newfoundland program was the same deal, the 4 of us had a virtual blast... it must have been the fresh air!  I sure hope all the nice people we met out there are doing ok after the recent weather issues.

My friends who joined me on this Yellowstone trip will hopefully send me a buch of their images, to share with everyone.  

Here is a set from one of my best customers, Harry Hersh.  Harry is a dental surgeon, living and working in Burlington Ontario, Canada.  We have been out shooting together on many occasions, (6 I think) at all of my local Ontario workshop venues, including the Loons of Ontario program... (which was a mess!)

Harry has been around the world on photo tours with Moose Peterson, Artie Morris, and Greg Downing.  Considering that I haven’t been to Yellowstone for 40 years, I really appreciate the fact that Harry and the 4 other guests had the confidence to join me for this trip.

Here are a few of Harry's awesome images.

(Pleace click on the images for a larger view.)


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