Friday, November 4, 2011

Black Rhino Duel in Tanzania, Africa

Black Rhino Charge!

Honestly, some days there was never a dull moment. 3 of us waited
and watched as these two very awesome animals
 played a game of cat and mouse! 

While on the last leg of our recent tour to several locations 
throughout Tanzania, we were so fortunate to see 5 different 
Rhinoceros's in the North Serengeti.  The most awesome 
thing about the parks we visit in Tanzania, is the lack of fences.

Every animal is free, no limits!  The basic mandate
of the Government of Tanzania is to allow
nature for take its course, and protect 
from poachers as much as possible.

One of the great things about the boost in safari tours is the 
ongoing supervision of their parks.  I believe there are
4,000 licensed Safari Vehicles in Tanzania, creating a very
awesome "police force".  It is in everyone's best interests
to protect these animals from the foolish trade on horns, and
elephant tusks.  

We all need to do what we can to keep wild Africa on the right
track.  I was very encouraged on my recent tours this year, 
seeing a lot of pregnant female lions, and also, several 
healthy cheetah families.  Tanzania is a world class home
for true nature and wildlife protection.  
(now, if we can just get some decent roads in there!)

So, these rhino's are doing well. Watching and photographing 
this sparing match was an incredible treat.  Nickson, 
our driver and guide gave them a very healthy distance
so we were not interfering with the "dance!"

Special thanks to my partners in Tanzania, awesome guides, 
lodges, safari trucks with all we needed for a successful tour.

More images soon!!

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