Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lilac-breasted Roller in Tanzania

A most amazing looking Bird!

Popular bird to photograph, this roller species was a lot of 
good fun on this latest tour in Tanzania.  Our guides were able to 
help us find several opportunities, with some very 
excellent environments.

Close enough for the D300 / 200-400 combination, 
without using the teleconverters, we found this bird to be
very confident, and stubborn about its perch. 

They hunt much like our fly-catchers, sitting low on 
an open perch, and quickly racing out to snatch a bug,
or flying insect.  The combination of a healthy population
of these birds, and also the Little Bee-eaters made 
our almost bug free trip much more enjoyable!

I did get a bee sting, not long after peeling and eating an orange!
Once I washed my hands, and discarded the peels, we were fine.
Ouch!  on the inside of my 3rd finger!

So, my opinion suggests that the Lilac-breasted Roller
is the most beautiful bird in the world., though 
I am sure some folks have different opinions!

I sure look forward to more chances like this while
working on the January 2012 Tour.

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