Saturday, January 18, 2014

Makes me sick... Baiters:

--> A few articles recently read:                      
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I am sure most of the people who follow my work know how I feel, these article cover the issue quite well.  Sadly, most photographers who watch the baiting are happy to shoot... as I did my first time seeing this practice happen.

There are several reasons why people should not bait owls, hawks, wolves, bears... these are carnivorous animals, they feed on other animals to survive.   Human activity involved with this process is flat out moronic, selfish, ignorant., and lazy.

Having said all that, things are unlikely to change, greed, pride, obsession for attention, etc will take over one's values for nature, or one's understanding of common sense.

Now, I just leave the area, and look for natural scenes to photograph.  Every year, it's the same old issue, but for me if I can change one person's mind concerning the practice of baiting, my efforts are worth the time spent.

If your chest needs to be that big over a photograph, then o well, good for you.

Nature should be respected, as humans; we have done more then enough to destroy our wildlife world.

Best wishes.


  1. Thanks for your continued efforts to educate people Ray. Hopefully those individuals will come to their senses and take action to change their own behaviors with respect and love of wildlife.


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