Saturday, March 22, 2014

Raymond's Photo Tours - Tico Certified!

Finally, the long process of becoming associated 
with TICO - Travel Industry Council Ontario
is finished!

I have studied and passed the TICO exam, and recently signed
a contract with Lakeview Travel, in near by St. Catharines.

From now on, all my travel programs will be the same basic
itinerary, the difference is that Lakeview Travel will receive 
all funds from each guest, we will manage an accounting 
system together, as funds will be deposited into a trust account.

Consumer protection is the key to this system.  Your 
money, and travel plans are protected with the industry 
 financed Travel Compensation Fund.

For more information about 

Lakeview Travel
My new partner!

Lakeview travel, located in the Fairview Mall, 
just off the QEW in St Catharines.

A contract was signed this week, a plan in place.  This is 
a whole new system for handling finances for my travel tours.
All funds will be deposited directly to Lakeview Travel's 
business accounts, from there the money is distributed to
all parties involved.  This system will only affect my travel 
tours abroad, and within Canada where by flights, hotel rooms, 
car rentals, safari trucks are involved.

Any company in Ontario supplying the above services
 to consumers must be registered with a Tico affiliated 
Travel Company.  The Tico logo and the companies registartion
number must be posted in all advertising.

You will see this info at the bottom of all my travel webpages.

So, in the end, your much safer, and properly covered
with my future tours.

New tours to be posted soon!

Thanks to everyone for supporting my
 business, we look forward to many 
years of Photography Tours
around the world!

My cell number - 905 520 8853
We offer Travel Insurance 
and the best possible Air Fare!

For your travel insurance and air quotes:
Please contact - Heather Price
Lakeview Travel
905 938 1200
St. Catharines Ontario

TICO registration  # 1728854 


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