Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 4Th Mountsberg and Flight (bif) Combo Report

Hi everyone... today was a truly cool workshop. We spent 4 hours or so at Mountsberg with a great variety of birds, Sandra and Matt were awesome hosts!! the birds were in excellent shape, and we had some really nice light. Our 8 guests seemed to be very happy, the shutter clicks we going off like crazy!

I have about 40 images to edit! Considering I spent most of my time working with the shooter, and trying to keep the birds looking the right direction, this is a lot of images. Goran and his son Mark put on a great flight show in Burlington after we made a pit stop at the coffee shop. Goran flew his Saker first, and then he followed that up with the Harris's hawk. We did some perched shots, and the flights were awesome! Here are my first edits, and I will keep adding new images to my slide show on my homepage here!

A big thanks to my guests! take care.

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  1. Thanx Ray for a great time!
    I have many beautiful photos with great fall colours in the background.
    Man that saker falcon moves fast! I might need another shot at him in the near future.


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