Saturday, June 20, 2009

Almost Dark!

Late Thursday afternoon, we trekked north to visit Karl Egressy in Guelph as he was ready to tour us through a cool forest where some owls have been reported. We were not lucky enough to find the owls, so the back up species were there for us to enjoy.

This pretty Pine Warbler came in to perform for us. using a tripod and shooting with my lens wide open I was able to catch a few sharp images.

This image was captured at 1/50sec ... f/4.0 at 400.0mm using ISO 250. I really enjoy the challenge of low light photography. And this shoot was especially challenging since the warblers are not a bird to sit still for very long!

Using a high frame rate really helps. After you lock on the focus, blast away!! If you have enough opportunities, eventually you will catch a sharp frame where the bird is sitting still. Fortunately we found this friendly little bird, and the chances were many, but I am sure I deleted at least 80% of my shots!

Karl caught some nice frames too, and they can be viewed at this Forum ,... check it out and sign in so you can share your photos with everyone!

Lots more new images on my website here<<.


  1. Ray, what camera body are you using? Challenging photography indeed.
    Wish I had better skills when I visited dep forest of Chile. There was some awesome chances. Need to go back :)


  2. Hi buddy., I use the D300 with the 200-400 VR., works very well.. but wish I had a D3!!


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