Sunday, February 12, 2017

No Baiters allowed.


Imagine going to a place where baiters are not permitted!  A 
fellow patrolling this location, protecting the nature as things they 
should be.  A place where it is unacceptable to walk off the trails.
A place that people can visit with respect toward wildlife 
and birds, and not need tobe so concerned with confrontations
 involving those who selfishly and ignorantly disrespect.

What a superb experience.  We had 2 Great grey owls
 yesterday afternoon, up near Montreal. 3 hours of enjoyment with
 my friend of many emailing years (10) Chuck Kling, a fellow
 who has kept me informed regarding all the conservation issues 
in his area of Quebec.

Brilliant !!  Watching this bird hunt from perch to perch, 
carefully examining the area for any sign of
a possible meal.  Using it's facial disks to listen for any 
sort of rodent squeak!  I have never in
my life seen a bird hunt so aggressively... real nature
 is spectacular to witness.

Personally, photography of nature is not about getting
 the most likes, the most followers, the most "great shot!" 
comments, biggest chest, adulation, etc.  Enjoying
 the beauty of nature, then sharing the images with folks
 around the world to help gain a greater appreciation 
of our nature world.

So we can all strive toward conservation and appreciation
 of all birds, animals, and fauna.

This is absolutely not about me.  or my picture, or my ego,
 or a contest - biggest chest?? Never.

Having fun with my friends and workshop guests, teaching
 techniques, settings,approach and respect, and the most
 fun,  helping people understand the natural way of things.
Understanding your subject, and showing respect will always
 be the best advantage in the real world of nature photography.

Taking advantage, and virtual abuse is done selfishly 
with poor judgement (unreal lazy).  If you really want 
to be a hero, go play golf, go racing, play baseball, compete 
in a sport.  Tossing bait to a helpless animal doesn't make 
you special, it doesn't gain you respect, and does not make you special.

Only my opinions, hoping a few beginners understand some values, and etiquette.

Best regards, raymond.


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