Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Rescue at Bronte

Thanks to Sue and Gavin Edmondstone, a tiny baby grebe had a second chance for life. The fourth chick in the east nest at Bronte Harbour Marine seemed weak, as it could not get up on the adults back, or back into the nest.

The tiny bird would swim to the shore for a rest, so concerned about abandonment, the Edmondstones rescued the bird, and asked a local boater to transfer the wee thing back to the nest. This happened a second time later on, and again, the concerned on-lookers were able to send it back home.

Special thanks to Monica Taylor for this image of the chick in Gavin's hand... Wonderful!! Monica was able to make the connection back to Gavin and Sue through the Ontbirds email network.
Both the east and west nests are easily viewed from the marina path along the small lagoon. Many photographers were there for a visit Monday night, along with concerned people who were interested to learn the fate of the wee one, sadly it did not survive.

During my last visit I saw 3 healthy chicks in each nest, and lots of feeding activity. It was great to see wildlife photographers Steve Rose, Mike Veltri, and Brandon Holden.

More images will be posted on my website slideshow soon, here is one of my latest edits below...

A Family of Five!!

To see the full sized images, just click on them...

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