Friday, September 4, 2009

Out with my new friend Leigh

I spend last Friday with one of the nicest guys I have met in years, Leigh Bierd. We were out doing a one on one workshop for a day and ran across this pond late in the afternoon on an overcast summer day. We saw a Great Blue Heron in this pond when we arrived, it quickly flushed out of the pond.

Leigh and I had a fun filled day, lots of travelling, some photoshop training and some fun shooting. We were able to get onto a very young Red-tailed Hawk not far from the house here in Grimsby, and Leigh was able to catch some nice frames while using my 200-400 VR., so here is Leigh's very nice image.

The pond at the end of the day was a cool shoot, I decided to try a pano image by collecting 3 images of the pond, left, center, and right. I imported the files into photoshop and used the auto stitching to create this image.

Just click on the images for a larger view., and thanks for looking!

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