Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday the 17Th of January, @ Muskoka!

Fun was the word for the day, my friends and new customers had such a good time in difficult lighting conditions! Here I am more then a week later, and finally getting some editing done. it has been a crazy week, 2 more workshops this past weekend with a total of 18 guests at Mountsberg.

I am sure not complaining, it was a lot of fun and great people enjoying these captive birds and animals. Also, my birthday was last week to add to the fun (confusion!), turning 51 is tough!! Special thanks to my bro Geoff, and sis in law Jean for a fun night out Friday, and another wonderful night Saturday with my buddy Amol, and his wife Mayura.

So, back to the report from last Sunday, a few edits of shots with my guests, and the special subjects we were photographing. Thanks to everyone who joined us last weekend, we hope to do a few more Muskoka's soon, so please email me if your interested.

Have a good week.

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