Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some recent Workshops

A birds in Flight program last Sunday, a 1on1 Wednesday, and a Loons trek Friday, so lots of editing!! Thanks to all my guests for this week, it was awesome.

Sunday was cool, Joanne came here all the way from NYC, NY for the birds in flight!, at that workshop, we had 9 people, all of them were repeat guests!! This was the first time for 100% repeats, so very cool!!

Nancy and I went out to Campbellville and Guelph for some shooting of song birds, too much fun in the rain!! And the loons trek was cool, with a new customer, Jim Pearce, and also Jamie, Harry, and my friend Nick from Whitby. Some boat issues made it interesting, but we got it done!

So, enjoy these images, click on them for the full size, and please email me if your interested in joining a future workshop...

have a good weekend!

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