Friday, July 2, 2010

June 20Th, 2010 Birds in Flight Images

Please click on the images for full sized view.

Another great shoot on June 20Th, and more fun coming on July 4Th, 2010 early am. (last program until Fall 2010)

James and his wife Shauna both did an awesome job flying their bird during the early morning. Special thanks to Peggy and Cathy for joining us all the way for Rochester NY!!

This Sunday, we will host a similar program, but a baby Eurasian Eagle Owl will be here for a few posing shots!! I hope to have a preview image of this bird here on this page sometime today.

If your interested in joining me Sunday, we have 5 positions open now, and you are welcome... all the info is here... Click!! (along with some older images)

Please email me...

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