Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nature Photography Products - Latest Addition!

The new Apex Mini is truly a better mousetrap. Incorporating 
the most versatile and functional design to date, it addresses 
the mobile support needs of the photographer like no other on the 
market.  After the original Apex penetrated the market, we listened to
what our customers were saying. 

One of the main suggestions was to create a bean bag with all the 
same great features, in a smaller package. It is now
reality. The Apex Mini is perfect for lenses smaller
than 500mm, but still offers the same strength and
durability of our larger version. 

We created a smaller custom aircraft-grade aluminum plate to 
fit the Apex Mini. Each aluminum plate is hand-made with the 
assistance of a 100,000 pound press right here in the United States.
The Apex Mini weighs in at 5.5 pounds compared when filled, so
look forward to a very easy to handle package!

The Apex Mini will be offered in the following new 
camouflage patterns: 

Realtree Max-4, 
Realtree APG (All Purpose Green), 
True Timber Concealed Green, 
and Black.

Please note the head that is attached in the above image is not included.

The retail price for this complete
package is $83.00 for black and $87.00 for Camo.

Please email me for more information.

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