Friday, November 11, 2011

Maria says "thanks!"

My Maria meets a Canadian War Veteran 

We were having dinner in a local restaurant tonight, Maria was 
showing me the poppy she received from the school today
in class.  She was asking Daisy and I a lot of questions about
War, the one that stands out in my mind... "what did they use 
to fight with daddy?"

We explained.

Within a minute or 2, an elderly gentleman got up from his chair,
having finished his dinner.  I noticed his extensive medals 
pinned on his coat, and suggested to maria that she goes over to 
him, and says thanks.

"Thank him for what Daddy?"  I said he is a war 
veteran from the 2nd world war, he fought to save 
our freedom many years ago.  He is a very special man.
Please go and say hello to him and thank him for everything,
and I will be so proud of you.

In her mothers arm, they walk up to him and offered a hand, 
with a thank you.  He bent over and said thanks to Maria, and told her:
"Study hard, because You are our Future!'

Of course, I am sitting at my table with tears in my eyes, so
 proud of my little girl who is so brave. Her next question... 
"What is a future Daddy?"

Daisy and I explained, and she smiled, ear to ear.
Maria loves to study, she loves to learn.

Her dad could not wait to share the story.

Dedicated to my lost friend, A great man and Nam vet, 
Mark Ellison Dionne.

R.I.P my brother, We miss You.


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