Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanks to Jerry Peltier

Hi Everyone ! 

 When Ray sent out an e-mail to everyone for the Nov. 26th
weekend's Bif workshop at the CRC , and I saw the list of birds 
flying with a Golden Eagle on the list , I needed to get some 
images of this beautiful Raptor, along with some fresh 
one's of all the others flying that day.

 Drove from Windsor with a friend , that has not been to one of these special workshops before. I've  been to at least 10 of these workshops, and different seasons. Snow, Rain or shine every one of these workshops was a different experience, and learned something from Ray about shooting in all conditions. 

If you want to have a great time and learn out in the field, Ray is a very good educator in wildlife photography , and so willing to help others and make it a very memorable experience you won't soon forget. The Falconer's that handle these birds are second to none, and give you so many opportunities to capture the image your after,
and they love their job. 

These Raptors are in good hands, and well cared for.  I asked my friend Ken on the way home after the workshop. Well, what did you think of that ? Ken looked at me with the
biggest smile and said, "that was great".

I said, "would you do it again?" Oh yeah ,  for sure. It was short ride home. Thanks for the great time Ray, we'll be back. The Barn Owl image here is a favorite of mine, from an ' 09  CRC Bif workshop.

Jerry Peltier

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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