Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beauty or Beast?

Ye or Ne?

Ugly?  Maybe - Beautiful? that might be a stretch!
If you have a large screen monitor, have a look here to see
a image that is 2560 pixels wide, I think this shot needs 
to be large to appreciate it.

I am sure, if you are at all quweeezie, this image may bother you.
For me, it is truth, and reality.  

Our guide brought us into this scene when there were just a few 
birds on the kill, so about 600 frames later,  and 
about 1.5 hours, there were about 100 storkes and vultures
enjoying the meal.  Myself, I love this kind of shooting.
The trick was to try to get a clean view of the animal, as the crowd
was nothing spectacular to shoot.  We waited for the right moment, 
Nickson got us into position, and the shots fired!  It was exciting!

Remarkably, we even had a great variety of light, as the mix
of sun and cloud provided some very interesting views of contrast.

After going through all my images, my small regret is that I didn't 
use a wider focal length, for more depth of field., wishing
I had a full frame camera in hand! 
Maybe next time.

More soon!

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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