Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thanks to Awni Mamdani

"Thanks Ray, I had a great time and from a quick glance at my images, I am more than satisfied that my results show that I have been able to accomplish results similar to yours.  You are a great teacher that only those who attend your workshops can attest to.  Many thanks again.
I have been catching up with my other chores and so far have only been able to transfer all my images to my desktop.  I intend to get at them in a few days.  I am also thinking of signing up with Smug Mug. As soon as I have loaded some of my images I will let you know.  You may already be in India by them.  Have a great trip and do let me know how it goes over there.

Many thanks again for being a great teacher and sharing all your knowledge so freely with me.  The trip was a memorable one.  

Best Wishes,

Smugmug website


Above is a copy of an email I got from my friend and guest Awni Mamdani, shortly after we returned from Costa Rica in April.  I met Awni in Costa Rica while hosting another tour in February, and gave him my business card, great move!

Since then, I was able to help him find a great 300 mm f 2.8 Canon lens that came from Nova Scotia, then he decides to join a birds in flight workshop right away!  A few quick lessons, and look at the results below!

Next, Awni decides to join me in Costa Rica for a 9 day tour.  We had such awesome birding, and photography, his images are proof.  Working with Awni, and managing my "no flash theory" he was able to capture images that I am truly amazed with.... totally amazed!

Awni is one of the nicest guests I have ever known, and you all know what great friends I have as a result of this business., now I am very proud to call him a friend.  My greatest pleasure in this business is someone who has a million questions, knows how to listen, and learns so incredibly fast.  Awni also genuinely understands to concept of respect for people, and love for nature.

Here are a few of his awesome images.

29120 - Barn Owl (3)
29541 - Great Horned Owl (6)
29715 - Snowy Owl (3)
30795 - Red-legged Honey Creeper (Female)
29976 - Magnificient Hummingbird (male)
30066 - Green Crown Brilliant Hummingbird (male) in flight

Thanks for looking!

(please click on the images for a larger view!)

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